LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) Music artists from here in Acadiana all the way to their brothers and sisters in Europe are mourning the loss of a Louisiana music legend.

She’s known as the lady who sang the blues and more.

Singer, songwriter and pianist Carol Fran died Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2021/

The icon, a Lafayette native known for her wit, storytelling, stage presence, and big heart, was mostly known for how she captivated every audience belting out soul, blues, and jazz rhythms in her raspy soulful voice that commanded attention.

Fran sang with the likes of superstars like the late Aretha Franklin, and talented Louisiana artists like musician Greg Gordon.

“She sang here, but mostly traveled and performed in Europe. She was loved by many here, but mostly in Europe. She played festivals here but a lot over there. They really loved her and her music in Europe.”

Local jazz singer Patsy Bienvenu and former music promoter Brenda Andrus paid tribute to the legendary lady of soul, blues, and jazz.

Andrus said of Fran, “She did so much with musicians, played places for us, and when asked how much she said you know you can’t afford me, girl! You can’t afford me, but I’m going to do that because I want the children to know who I am, and they can do it too.”

Bienvenu said she has many wonderful memories of Fran. “They said that she was a wonderful singer, and she traveled the world, and everybody knew her. She had written all these wonderful songs and when she came to the house and told all these stories, that is what I think I loved most about her.”

Carol Fran was 87 years old.