(KLFY) The New Year’s Rockin Eve’ celebration will no longer be taking place in New Orleans or in Louisiana, as Christian music singer Lauren Daigle and New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell are at the center of a controversy.

News Ten’s Jio Lieggi reports.

State officials are furious saying New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell is to blame for the annual event being moved out of Louisiana; saying that his will have a major impact on an already struggling economy.

Lauren Daigle is still facing criticism from her November 7 pop-up concert in the New Orleans French Quarter.

Mayor Cantrell said Daigle put lives at risk with both an un-permitted event and one in violation of critical health public guidelines.

Cantrell reached out to Dick Clark productions and ABC calling for Daigle to be removed from the performance list.

And now, Dick Clark productions has pulled out of Louisiana and is moving the New Years Eve event elsewhere.

On the other side on the fence, several state officials are standing in defense of Daigle firing back at Mayor Cantrell saying she’s to blame for this.

Attorney General Jeff Landry is claiming he was shocked, saying he will vow to protect Daigle’s rights to protest and worship.

In a statement from Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser, the state’s second in command, Nungesser is claiming that this is going to have a major impact on future events in Louisiana costing the state potential profits in a time of crisis.

Here in Lafayette, Mayor-President Josh Guillory has joined the conversation saying he would be happy to host Daigle in her hometown for a New Years Eve celebration performance.