(KLFY) – The internet, like the universe, is constantly expanding. New websites to waste time, new platforms to communicate and interact with others and new methods of finding information fill our phones, tablets and computers every day. With so many websites, many fall by the wayside and are hardly known by most people.

One way to find websites like this is to simply look. Maybe you are a fan of retro video games or you love making music. Maybe you love storytelling in the visual medium of film, or even the written word. The saying “There’s an app for that” applies to websites too.

Film and Storytelling

A Good Movie to Watch

Everybody loves a good movie to watch, either with a loved one or on your own. But let’s face it, what ends up happening is an hour of scrolling through Netflix, unable to make a decision. That’s where “A Good Movie to Watch” comes in. It’s a curated list of movies that can be searched by mood, genre, year and even language. It also features age-rating queries in case it’s family night. 

The picks have average ratings from users and feature movies from all the major streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Max, Prime Video and more. You can create a login and give recommendations and add ratings to make the site better. It includes television shows too. 

The Moth

All great films, books and even music start with one thing, the art of storytelling. “The Moth” is a website dedicated to that art. It features real stories being told by real people. You can read or listen to stories, find podcasts dedicated to storytelling and even find live storytelling events. 



If you love listening to music, “Patatap” is something you should check out. If you like making music, it’s a requirement. But be careful, it’s the kind of place you will lose track of time. It basically turns your keyboard into a drum machine with a plethora of sounds, bass beats and notes. It hardly compares to your average music creation software like Logic Pro or Ableton, but it will definitely keep you busy during that Zoom meeting. 

Every Noise at Once

Maybe you aren’t keen on creating your own music, but you love to find new genres or styles of music. “Every Noise At Once” is just that. Hundreds of different styles of music litter this website that you can simply click and listen. Need a more organized approach? You can search for certain artists or genres, click on a list to broaden your journey and even end your search on streaming platforms like Spotify. 

Video Games

This is My Website Now

Do you ever have a small amount of time to kill? Not enough time to do anything meaningful, but too much time that you get bored? There’s a website for that. “This is My Website Now” offers short, simple games that are only meant to last around 10 minutes. For example, one game is seeing how many times you can click your mouse in 10 seconds or control a small block and dodging other blocks. Not exactly the latest “Legend of Zelda” or “Mario” game, but enough to keep you occupied while your lunch heats up in the break room microwave. 

Retro Games Free

Not recommended for work environments, “Retro Games Free” is when you want to actually take a deep dive into the past and play actual games right in your browser. We’re talking games like NBA Jam, Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter II and even Pac-Man. The website is designed to load actual roms and isos (game files) into emulators (software) and allow you to play them. I honestly don’t know how it’s legal for this website to exist, so enjoy it while it’s still around.


Another quick, simple one is “Drench.” A short puzzle game, based on colored blocks. You have 30 moves to make the board all one color. Can you manage to pull it off? You might have to try a few times.

Unique and Interesting

Cool Things

This website is self explanatory. “Cool Things” shows you tons of cool gadgets, toys, inventions and even current styles. From cool items for the home to cool vehicles, it’s a place to find scooters that you can carry around like a briefcase or maybe a smokeless fire pit to offer heat without the smoke. There’s even a section to find cool gifts for birthdays or maybe stocking stuffers.

Open Puppies

For all the dog lovers out there, be very careful, you will click away here for hours and not realize it. All the website offers, is gif after gif of dogs being cute, or silly or just being dogs. That’s it. All you do is hit the spacebar and it gives you another full screen gif. Enjoy.

This Person Does Not Exist

AI has been in the news a lot lately with OpenAI’s very well known ChatGPT. Tech companies like Microsoft and Google have their own versions of AI programs to help us find information, write stories and even teach us things. Depending on your opinions of AI and deep fakes, “This Person Does Not Exist” will either intrigue you or terrify you. Every time you refresh the page, you are presented with a picture of a person…that does not actually exist. It uses generative adversarial networks (a type of machine learning) to create a realistic image of a person that does not actually exist on Earth. The idea that we have created technology that can achieve this is a bit overwhelming, so as long as you don’t think too deeply about it, the website is very cool.

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