Dial Dalfred: Sewage spilling into homes, onto streets in Port Barre

Dial Dalfred

PORT BARRE, La. (KLFY) – Residents in Port Barre say for years they haven’t been able to get city hall to fix the problem causing raw sewage to spill over in homes and onto the street.

Julie Talley says the only way to flush or drain any water in her home is to remove cap of the sewage line— if she doesn’t: “It backs up into my house. I’ve had to replace the floor in my bathroom. I’m going to have to do it again.”

Mercy Stoute is the property owner. She says in 2016 she was told she needed to install a tap that would connect the mobile home’s sewer line to town’s line.

“I said well, I need a plumber. Then the town recommended me, said to get George, they call him Buster because that’s their plumber” explained Stoute.

So, she hired the plumber and the work was done. Receipts show the bill for two taps was paid in full in January of 2016.

However, still within code, the plumber installed the tap for one trailer connecting it to the town sewer line. Then, attached another trailer’s sewer line to the other trailer. With the sewage from both homes going through the same pipe— we’re left with the current issue.

In 2018 an ordinance was passed requiring each mobile home to have direct taps to the town sewer line, causing him not to take swift action to resolve the problem on the Stute property.

Ardoin says his first time seeing receipts showing Stoute paid for two taps was the week of June 15th, the same week we shot this story, and his mood shifted as we spoke briefly outside of his office. The Mayor agreed to having his voice recorded but did not want to be on camera.

“We haven’t responded to anything yet. I’m kind of shorthanded. We haven’t been able to make that tap but as soon as we can make that tap will make it” Ardoin said.

And as of last Monday, the second tap was added, and connected to the other trailer. Sources say the town council realized the issue was created by the town, and they resolved it at no additional cost to the property owner.

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