DIAL DALFRED: Residents sound off on frustration with traffic brought on by long car rider lines

Dial Dalfred

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Residents living in one Lafayette neighborhood say long car rider lines scaling through their communities are causing headaches and have interrupted their daily lives.

What’s causing the traffic and what can be done about it? We find out in tonight’s Dial Dalfred report.

The car rider line at St. Pius Elementary spans several blocks through the Bois de Lafayette neighborhood. Parents awaiting the final bell for dismissal line half of the narrow two-lane roads.

Bois de Lafayette resident Barry Bascle told us, “It’s become an all-day thing. Early in the morning, same thing. People are either leaving early now or late to get to work because they can’t get out their driveways.”

The story is the same for Dan Jenkins who has lived in the neighborhood his entire life.

Jenkins said, “Sometimes we have to wait 10 minutes to get out of our own driveway.”

Established back in the ’60s, Jenkins and Bascle say their neighborhood was once a quiet place with roads less traveled, But lately, they’ve seen an influx of traffic.

“We need the church and the school to step up and figure out a better way. There’s got to be a better way of doing this” Jenkins said.

Director of Communications, Blue Rolfes, with the Diocese of Lafayette says they recognize the problem and resolve is in the near future.

Rolfes said, “St. Pius is in the process right now of undergoing a major construction project that will increase the parking area and improve traffic access and egress onto the campus.”

With students learning virtually toward the end of last year because of COVID, and the summer break the problem was non-existent; when students returned this fall, so did the issue.

“Then the problems became much worse and much more pronounced” Rolfes explained.

And as coronavirus limits the number of students on busses, even more parents find themselves frustrated in car rider lines.

“The good news is we’re almost to the end of the project. We have about I believe another six weeks or so until the project will be completed. At that time it will be solved and we won’t be as much of a bad neighbor anymore to all of the homes and businesses around St. Pius X”, Rolfes said.

Again, Diocese representatives acknowledge the problem and in about six weeks the new parking lot should be complete.
Rolfes says they’re also enhancing drainage in the area which is hopefully an added benefit to the neighbors and businesses in the area once the project is finished.

If there’s an ongoing issue in your neighborhood or community or there’s a story you’d like me to investigate, send me an email at DialDalfred@klfy.com.

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