$1,000 textbook at UL Lafayette raises concerns

Dial Dalfred

College campuses across the country have started the fall semester and although tuition has been paid, students are still expected to dish hundreds of dollars more on textbooks.

On the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s campus, students were outraged over the price of one textbook.

College can be stressful.

Late night of studying mixed with early morning classes forces you to get a quick nap in whenever you can.

And now some students are facing another challenge: an online version of an Accounting class textbook costing a thousand bucks.

Tala Tobeh says a thousand dollars for a book is outrageous.

“It’s just too much for a book especially if it’s just for one semester,” she explains.

Timi Olaosebikan is an international student, which carries another large price tag. He says the cost of the book is unreasonable.

“We’re paying so much for tuition and other fees. Why should we spend so much money on books?” Olaosebikan said.

We reached out to the university after learning of student concerns.

Provost, Dr. Jamie Hebert replied, in part,

“The publisher, after conversations with the Department of Accounting, set the online price at nearly $1,000 to discourage students from choosing to buy materials directly from its website. They believed it was best for the students to use a printed textbook since many of the materials in the book are needed for homework and classroom instruction.”

Psych major Casey Riche voiced her concerns on Twitter.

She told us “Outrageously priced textbooks have and always will be an issue for students across the country.”

She goes on to say college students expect the high prices and plan accordingly, but unfortunately, at times, the high book costs force students to drop courses.

Leila Young, another student at the university says with the extra amenities provided by the University, the high cost of books most likely balances the scales.

“We have a lot of events with free food and free T-shirts, and whatnot. The joke is that we pay ridiculous tuition but we get free clothes and free food”, Young says.

We’re told the university is not aware of any students who purchased the thousand dollar materials online; but if someone did, they should contact the College of Business Administration, who will work with them to rectify the situation.

A hard copy of the book is on sale at the university bookstore for $313.

You can find a full statement from the university on the $1,000 online version HERE.

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