T’Frere’s House Bed and Breakfast has a live-in guest that will keep you company

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LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — There’s a bed and breakfast house in Cajun Country that is also haunted. T’Frere’s House Bed & Breakfast was built in 1890 as part of the Comeaux Plantation. 

Innkeeper at T’Frere’s, Katherine Cobb, said, “I think the most interesting thing about T’Frere’s is the fact that we still have a guest from way back when in the form of Amelie, and she is the dead living amongst the living and so we host her and everything that comes with her, and people are engaged by her every time they stay here.”

Amelie was a young woman who died in the early 1890s and once lived at the home. Legend has it she haunts the home. 

“Her family died when they had yellow fever. She has a husband and a child that are buried in a Catholic cemetery. They were not sure if she was murdered or if it was a suicide, so she wasn’t allowed to be buried with her family, so she’s upset about it and for whatever reason, she has remained here with us. I have never physically seen her, but I hear her every day from the opening and closing of the doors in the kitchen to the walking around upstairs,” explained Cobb. 

Ghost hunters have even visited T’Frere’s to communicate with Amelie. Guests from all over the world including France, Nova Scotia, Canada and Africa have stayed at T’Frere’s House Bed & Breakfast. 

“They know from the moment I open that door that they are walking into a place that is well-loved. That they’re going to be well-loved. That they’re going to have great conversation, great food and I just want them to know that the Acadiana culture is authentic and unique to the United States and our hope is that they feel well-loved while they’re here,” said Cobb. 

Whether visiting for business or pleasure, you can enjoy the ambiance of this century-old home in the heart of Cajun Country.  T’Frere’s House Bed & Breakfast can accommodate up to 20 people. For availability and other information, visit their website, https://www.tfrereshouse.com

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