BREAUX BRIDGE, La. (KLFY) — Multiple stolen vehicles were recovered in Breaux Bridge, and two people were arrested after a vehicle driving recklessly lead to a foot chase, according to the Breaux Bridge Police Department (BBPD), but more arrests and stolen property are expected in the investigation.

Jamarcus Butler, 18, of Houston, and a juvenile, were both arrested for illegal possession of stolen things and resisting an officer.

On the morning of Jan. 25, officers with the BBPD were notified of a white Jeep Grand Cherokee driving recklessly in the Margaret/Anderson St. area. The Jeep was located in the 200 block of Margaret St. and when officers tried to make contact with the occupants, several men got out of the car with firearms and fled in multiple directions.

“Three of them ran one way and another one ran a different way,” according to Breaux Bridge Police Chief Rollie Cantu. “Cut through people yards and jumped fences, and that’s what they were doing.”

After an extensive foot chase that ended four blocks away near the intersections of Lena, Alva, Goldie, and Drives, two teenage suspects were located and detained. Authorities are trying to identify the third suspect and have little to go off of for the fourth male.

“Just be safe and just be cautious because we don’t understand what is their intentions,” Cantu heeded.

Jamarcus Butler has family in Breaux Bridge, but Cantu warned his group isn’t the only one in or near the town. The Jeep the suspects were in was confirmed to be stolen from another agency.

Through the course of the investigation, two more stolen cars were located. All three cars had stolen license plates attached, but authorities know of a fourth still missing. Detectives are processing the stolen cars for any DNA and other evidence that could lead to an arrest. However, the age of the potentially young age of the suspects could make the process more difficult.

“If most of them are juveniles, they might not even have an arrest yet or be even in the DNA banks,” Cantu explained, “Because a lot of their records are sealed.”

Cantu said the suspects chased down by officers had guns on them but dumped them at some point in the pursuit. He suspects the others who were not arrested later collected them.

This is an ongoing investigation. Breaux Bridge police are working with several other departments to try and find the remaining suspects and any other stolen vehicles. If you see any suspicious abandoned or wreckless vehicles, you are encouraged to call authorities.