(KLFY)- COVID-19 tests are in high demand and short supply but the Better Business Bureau says there is no shortage of scammers setting up fake COVID testing sites.

The Bureau reports consumers can expect to run into even more fake testing sites than we saw earlier in the pandemic as the Omicron surge worsens.

Chris Babin with the BBB says, “It opens up a lot of uncertainty and opportunities for scammers to put themselves on the market to solve these problems.”

The national Bureau database is getting numerous reports about questionable practices at certain testing sites.

Reports show patients registering for a test, giving personal information like a credit card number, health insurance information, even social security numbers and not getting results.

Babin adds, “We have to be aware. We don’t want to lose personal information that can lead to identity theft.”

Before driving up and getting swabbed, the Bureau recommends:

Talk to a doctor who can point you in the right direction
Check your local health department’s website
Review all COVID testing options
Report any potential COVID scam