LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — You have probably seen it on the corner of Ambassador Caffery Parkway and Verot School Road in Lafayette.

It’s a pop-up COVID-19 testing site called Dynamic Diagnostics.

Some viewers, like our anonymous caller “John” says his experience was meaningless.

“I waited all day and never got results. The next day I had to start over.”

Others, like our second anonymous caller “Jane” says it was productive.

“When I tested along with other family members are friends, I got my results that night. You get a text message, click the link, and there they are.”

She says she was only there for 15 minutes and would consider going back for future testing.

“They give you a bag with everything to test and explain how to test yourself and you just bring it back to them,” Jane said.

John, who is still waiting for his results a week later, says his process was the same but two hours longer than Jane.

“When one car would leave, another would come into the parking lot,” he said.

News Ten called the number provided to the clients being tested for answers.

“We’re sorry that number has been disconnected.”

We also called the number provided on their website.

“Thank you for calling Dynamic Diagnostics. We are sorry we missed your call. For inquires about results, email info at dynamic diagnostics dot com. Thank you, goodbye.”