(KLFY)- Dr. Stephen Cannon with Crowley Primary Care says, “We are surging again. This is real. We have more cases now.”

Hospitals are feeling the effects of COVID-19.

Louisiana’s cases continue to rise, and hospitals are struggling to keep up.

“I do not think there is a hospital today that operates at full capacity. It does not help that employees have gotten sick. The work pool is sunk with a higher demand for the labor and it’s just not there,” Cannon continues.

Dr. Cannon says a major concern for hospitals is where to place patients once capacity is met.

“We now have to find a hospital to transfer to. That can be as far as Alexandria, Lake Charles, or even Mississippi,” explains Cannon.

With the large resurgence of the virus, Dr. Cannon says treatment is constantly changing with the daily increase in cases.

Cannon adds, “When the virus first came, we had ten positive cases in a week, we now have forty: that’s what’s scary. We don’t know enough but the plus side is, we know more and can treat better.”

A rise in cases forced hospitals to restrict visitors.

However, Dr. Cannon says no patient is ever alone when fighting COVID-19.

Cannon, “No one is alone. Nurses come in. They are loving on them, caring for them. They are not alone.”