(KLFY)- Once again, United Way of Acadiana is rolling out the VITA program.

The Volunteer Income Assistance Program has been putting money back into pockets for more than a decade.

This service is free to those with a household income of $57,000 or less in 2020 and available at 11 different locations across Acadiana.

Alm-Labar explains, “Folks have the opportunity to keep their money in their pockets. That is the goal of the program and we are excited to bring it to as many Acadiana residents as possible.”

President and CEO Carlee Alm-Labar says if you need assistance with filing taxes but make over the income threshold, United Way of Acadiana has additional resources made available to you.

“We also offer other programs. There is no income qualifications. Some of same things we hope to achieve through the VITA program. We have other programs if folks need help,” adds Alm-Labar.

She says she understands this year’s filings may look a little different due to pandemic support payments but asks all clients to plan and be prepared for your appointment.

“People have new questions this year because of unemployment or stimulus checks. Our advisors will work with folks on individual situations,” Alm-Labar continues.

To learn more about VITA, click here.