“There’s More To The Story” debuts November 1


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LAFAYETTE, La. (Cité des Arts)- A new work by Lafayette playwright Patricia Drury Sidman, entitled “There’s More To The Story,” will debut at Cité des Arts in Lafayette on November 1-3, 2019. Like Sidman’s previous acclaimed work, “Still, Life,” this production features an all-female cast and consists of theatrical storytelling. The seven stories that comprise this show expand on fragments from the Christian and Hebrew Bibles and other scriptural texts and surrounding legends.

According to Sidman, “These are the stories of particular women who have been forgotten, ignored, or maligned throughout history. I believe any story that persists through time, as these do, contains something essential worth listening to today. I’ve amplified the voices of these women through this script because, as we know, there is always more to any story.”

Directed by Alicia Chaisson, the cast includes local favorites, Michelle Colón, Rose Hoffman Cormier, Kathryne Delcarpio, Amanda Newbery, Katryn Schmidt, Angela Funches Thomas, and Cissy Whipp.

Sidman is an actor, storyteller, author, playwright, and certified life and spirituality coach and is the author of the self-help book, “To Be You Again: A Pathway to Healing from Violence.” Her earlier theater productions included a satirical performance piece about internet dating over age 50, entitled “Sex, Lies and Social Security.”

This project is supported in part by ArtSpark, an Individual Artist stipend supported by the Lafayette Economic Development Authority and administered by the Acadiana Center for the Arts.

Tickets and additional information are available online at www.citedesarts.org. Reservations can also be made through Cité des Arts at 337-291-1122.

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