So, what was Bob Giles doing in those commercials?


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- You may have seen the commercials featuring Lafayette car dealer Bob Giles. Viewers have wondered why he is portraying a postman, a cashier, and a bus driver.

Giles aired an expanded commercial during the Saints game on Sunday, September 15, offering more clues as to why took on these different personas.
The 60 second spot showed him in different roles: a doctor, a car salesman, a teacher, a bus driver, and more. The end of the commercial directs the viewer to the website

Not only could users see the commercial, the website also features a personal message from him explaining the reason for the campaign.

“We want to give people the opportunity to find their own way to help in Acadiana,” Giles explained to KLFY. “We will not collect or distribute any money. The website will be a portal so that people can see what non-profits are in need and how they can offer their time or donations.”

Giles says he also wants to encourage charitable organizations to submit a request to be included in the list. He will vet each request, determine if the organization is a 501-C3, and what their mission in Acadiana is.

Through projects he has sponsored like Acadiana Heroes and Pay It Forward, Giles says he has personally seen the impact such efforts make in the lives of the individuals, and he has seen many people who are willing to help in a way they are passionate about.

So what is the point of the commercial? Whether you’re a teacher, a bus driver, a doctor, a car salesman, or a cashier, you can make a difference in some way in Acadiana.

He just wants to help make that happen.

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