CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) — On July 6, Ivory Lee Solomon will turn 92 years old. One of the most unique things about her is that she and her husband had 12 children.

“I have seven boys and four girls. I had a girl that passed. Her name was Diana,” Solomon said. 

Ivory is from a large family. Her parents had nine children. “My oldest brother was 17 years old when he went into the service.  My mother and daddy passed when I was 8 years old.”

Ivory got married when she turned 24. She met her husband at work.

“I was going to the store for my grandmother. The guy met me and my older sister. He gave me a job in the café,” she explained.

“That’s how we met. Later on, he and I married.”

Ivory said she had many jobs. She explained that she was hired to do housework for families in the community. She also worked at a local garment and bag factory.  

“I went to St. Theresa School. I dropped out of school when I went to Ross High,” Soloman added.

As time ticked on, Ivory realized that her siblings at one point moved away.

She said she regrets not leaving to see what life had to offer outside of her hometown.

“I knew how to work. I could get myself a job and work. Like I said, I worked at tomato plants and housework,” Solomon explained.

At 91 years old, Ivory shared this advice: “Get your education and you will be better down the line.”

Ivory said education will help you get along in life; prayer is what will carry you through.

“Keep God in your life. Go to church and pray. We need prayers.”