An extra special KLFY 90 Plus takes us to Maurice where a mother of five has just turned 100 years old.

Jeanne Hebert Domingue, 100, of Lafayette, talks about living one day at a time. Jeanne says she still works out and her sense of humor is well-balanced.

“I’ve been blessed in many ways,” Domingue said. “I have many friends, organizations and my membership with Catholic Charities.”

Jeanne and her husband enjoyed a blissful marriage. They have five children.

“They were all good. I didn’t have any trouble with them,” she said.

She was born in Parks, Louisiana.  She says she lived there until she was six months old.

“My daddy moved to Lafayette to open up a steam laundry with his brothers,” she said.

Jeanne worked for a utility company after college and shortly thereafter she got married.

“When my husband came back from the service I got married and started a family and then I stopped working.”  

After they grew up, she headed back to work doing medical billing and coding.  

“I had my all in between and after they were able to do for themselves, I went to work for a neurologist doing billing and coding for six years, then I retired,” Domingue said.

Her retirement was short-lived. Jeanne took up volunteering in the ministry within hospitals throughout Louisiana. She says earlier in her life there were talks of her joining the military, but her parents needed her at home.

“My brothers were all in the service.  So, I had to stay and help them.  They helped me out and I helped them out.”  

At 100 years old Jeanne Hebert Domingue says her life is full and her accomplishments have been achieved.

“I just take things as they come now,” Domingue said.  “My life has been fulfilled and what else has to come I will accept.”