LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Anna Lawrence of Lafayette recently turned 90 years old. She carries with her a vibrant sense of humor. “I’m 16 and have never been kissed,” Lawrence said.

She was born into a large family. Lawrence is one of 11 siblings. “I can tell you one thing, it wasn’t a dull moment,” Lawrence stated. She says with eleven children at the homefront someone was bound to be around while the sound of zydeco music filled the air. “When we started bouncing, we broke the record.”

Anna and her husband have been married for 70 years. They had five living children. She explains that she worked caring for others. “I used to like to take care of people and I love children,” she added. She instilled in her children the act of caring for others and living an honest life. She lovingly remembers her one daughter who was born on Valentine’s Day. “God sent me a little girl and she got a whole bunch of children,” Lawrence laughed.

Anna says when it comes to cooking, she does a little of this and that. Her specialty is baking. “At one time I used to own a little bakery. I used to make all kinds of good stuff and then sometimes I would make so much stuff until when it was time for me to look to see if we had something it was all gone” she stated.

Lawrence loves traveling. In fact, she reminisces about a trip she took to the Vatican years ago. She had a surprise close encounter with the then Pope. “It so happened he landed his helicopter right there and boy we gave him a good time,” Lawrence said as she did a self-hug.

The Lawrence family has grown along with the memories Anna holds close to her heart. “It’s what you make of your life and whatever you make of your life that’s all of you,” Lawrence said.