90 Plus: “You make your own happiness.”

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LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- Ninety-year-old Lafayette resident, Elizabeth Biagas, is originally from New Orleans. In 1952, she moved to New York.

“What I would really like to do is get a group of young ladies and play bridge. I can’t find anybody who plays bridge,” Biagas said, thinking back to her years in the Empire State.

“When we lived in New York, my sister and I use to always dance at the Palladium and the Roseland ballroom. It keeps you young.”

It was her Louisiana upbringing that served her well in finding work.

“You couldn’t just be idle in Louisiana. You had to either go to bible school or the YMCA and take some courses,” she said. “So, that’s what I did I took typing at the YMCA.”

Elizabeth says she started working at various jobs until she found her footing.

“I worked for the telephone company for a while as an overseas operator and then I started working for the Office Of Court Administration and that’s where I retired.”

She also had intentions on staying in New York to further her education through her work.

“I retired. I was going to stay for 30 years, but that didn’t happen,” she said. “My mother got sick with cancer. I had to come back to Louisiana to take care of her.”

The next phase of her life came when Katrina hit.

“We went to the hotel and stayed there with other friends We thought after the hotel we were going to go gambling because we were right across the street from Harrah’s.”

She says the damage left after the storm opened her mind to the idea that Lafayette may well be her next home.

“The dining room table just floated up. It was so eerie because when it came back down the table was set because we had company the day before,” she said. “The coffee table from the living room was underneath the dining room table. I just didn’t want to go back.”

Elizabeth says she has learned that when bad things happen, don’t look so longingly on the door that closed that you don’t see the other one opening.

“You make your own happiness. I’m happy with me. I think I’ve done well with what I had,” she said.

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