90 Plus: Wallace and Gladys Menard

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“He’s a hundred and I’m 97. 81 we were married. That’s a long time”

Wallace and Gladys Menard are the Louisiana Family Forum’s 2019 longest married couple. They have been married for 81 years.

“When we were first married, we live in a little house with no electricity, no water and no bathroom in the house.”

It’s those humble beginnings that make the Menards thankful for all they have this holiday season.

“When we were first married we were living near Giles’. We had a little house there and that’s where we lived,” said Gladys Menard.

Wallace and Gladys worked hard to build the Duson home they live in today.

Wallace is a U.S. Navy veteran.

“His work was hardly $12 a week,” said Gladys.

“I worked at sunbeam bread for $12 a week and we were married,” said Wallace.

Throughout the holiday season, the Menards will enjoy seeing the family together under one roof. At last count, they have 18 great-great-grandchildren — and 20 plus grand and great-grandchildren.

For the Menards the best part of the holiday is the family they’ve created and the memories that have followed. From the Menards happy holiday’s.

“When we got married I said you’re going to take care of me and I’m going to take care of you,” said Wallace.

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