OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) – In Opelousas, Eddie Simmons and his wife Gertrude have been married for 69 years. Eddie is 90 years old and his wife is 88. 

“You were almost 21. I married four days before I made 19,” Gertrude said.

The Simmons told News 10 that they are proud to have enjoyed marital bliss for just shy of 70 years. “69 years and about nine months,” Gertrude added.

Together they had four girls. Eddie gives his wife her due credit for being there when he could not. “She was there with them most of the time I was working,” Eddie said.

Eddie put in his time too, he worked and worked hard. “I didn’t move out of Louisiana. I worked always in Louisiana. I didn’t go out of town or out of Opelousas, I just worked around here in Opelousas,” he explained.

Eddie worked for a concrete and materials company and his dedication to the job earned him a safety award, he captured the Driver of the Year award.

The family said that he had no days missed and no on-the-job accidents in his 40-plus years of service.

“I worked where they needed me. I worked on the yard, I was a driver, operator, I would fill the hopper with materials to go out on the truck, and I did mechanic work.”

Eddie’s advice about his love for his wife is that silence sometimes speaks volumes. “Just keep your mouth shut and don’t say anything,” he chuckled.

Gertrude said that she laid down the law when they were courting. She would space out the time they spent together before they got married.

“It was my decision. If he wanted to go and see another girl, let him go because I want him to be trustworthy and upright,” she noted.

Last but not least, Eddie shared some advice for the young men of the world. 

He said to slow down and that it will pay off in the long run.

“You don’t want a fast life going through life. You might not make it to a certain age,” Eddie stated.