New Iberia, La. (KLFY) – The first official 90 Plus of the year takes us back 50 years. Mary Pecola Volter, 90 of New Iberia says she feels blessed to be 90 and able to do what she enjoys.

“I feel good. I don’t feel like I’m 90, I tell you that much,” Volter explained.

Mary is the owner of Pecola’s Flower Shop on Anderson Street in New Iberia. She’s had the shop for years. The idea of the business bloomed while she was working for some else.

“I would go outside and pick the flowers, arrange them, and water them every three days.  I was just interested and every time I see a flower it would remind me of what I used to do,” says Volter.

Mary works in the shop when needed especially when there’s a corsage to design.

“I look at it and see how it looks and if it doesn’t look like how I want it to look, then I just take it down and redo it.”

Mary raised three children, two boys and one girl. She says motherhood is worth the work.

“It’s loving and interesting to know you have children; you want them to do this and that”

Mary is from a fairly large sized family. She has five siblings. With a heavy heart she says most of them have passed away.

“My sister in Houston, we’re the only two left, ” Volter stated.

For her 90th birthday, local and state leaders recognized her for entrepreneurship, her giving to those in need, and her longevity.

“I’m healthy that’s the main thing and with my may family that makes me joyful.”

Her tokens of appreciation include: An expression of commendation from state representative Marcus Bryant, a proclamation of recognition from the Mayors of Jeanerette and New Iberia, along with keys to the city.

“I had a snack bar for about five years.”

Mary’s promise to herself in this new year is to invest in what makes her life bloom.

“Live that dream, just try to do better every day and stay on the right track,” Volter stated.