ROBERTS COVE, La. (KLFY) – 92-year-old Sister Margaret Mary Ohlenforst of Roberts Cove has been a nun for 72 years. The place Sister Ohlenforst calls home sweet home is her childhood home.

Sister Ohlenforst is one of ten children. Her brother was a priest, and she had a nephew who was a priest. “We would have been 12 but my mother lost two. We were ten living. There 5 boys and five girls,” Sister Ohlenforst explained.

Sister Ohlenforst admits, with 10 kids around, the house was always busy. “We all pitched in we all worked we were all taken care of,” Ohlenforst said. She remembers her father had a huge garden that worked well feeding the family. “We had chickens, ducks and turkeys.” 

After graduation and her studies as a sister, Ohlenforst became a nun and a teacher. She taught in Gretna and Birmingham. “I even taught and coached Heisman Trophy winner Pat Sullivan from Auburn,” she added. Ohlenforst tells News 10 she was at LSU with Tommy Casanova from Crowley. “He was the running back when I was there. That makes it even more interesting.”

Sister Ohlenforst always wanted to be a nun and teacher. “My first doll was a Nun Doll. Can you image?  I always wanted to be a teaching sister and that I became.”

The walls are covered with personal memories and keepsakes of her beloved LSU Tigers. Sister Ohlenforst’s motto about life is do what you’re supposed to do, when you’re supposed to do it.

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