NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) – In the aftermath of the storm, there are stories that prove New Iberians can withstand the toughest of times.

Ruby Halbert of New Iberia is 104 years old and was born and raised in Jeanerette, Louisiana. 

As one of 13 children, She has a picture of her childhood home hanging on her living room wall. “It doesn’t show it in there but that was the driveway getting to it,” Halbert explained.

Ruby moved to New Iberia when she got married to her husband, who is from Franklin, Louisiana. Together they had two boys. “I had two boys and I lost one. I lost my first baby,” Halbert said.

Ruby told News 10 that her sons were taught to be respectful young men. “To be nice and say yes ma’am and no ma’am,” she stated.

Her sons loved Iberia Parish too. Ruby fondly talks about how her sons took advantage of being able to run free.

“They used to like to come to the country because they could go in the field and run where the sugarcane and stuff was,” she said.

Ruby also remembers the family gatherings. On Sundays, they enjoyed dinner with family and friends from far and near.

Her parents were sugarcane farmers she told News 10. “Mama would cook dinner and everybody from New Iberia, and all the kids would arrive to be in the country.”

They even had sweet potatoes, that were stored in a memory planted in Ruby’s mind. “They come up to where the shed was, you had to duck to get where all the sweet potatoes were stored,” she recalled.

At 104 years old, Ruby is spunky and lives a matter-of-fact life. For Ruby, age is just a number.  The way you live your life is what counts the most. “It’s just another day,” Halbert stated.