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OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY)- An 100-year-old Opelousas mother of two it’s important to mean what you say and say what you mean.

“I tell you what; don’t stay out late. Go to bed early and get your rest so you can do what you got to do the next day,” Jones stated.

On a Sunday morning, Mildred Jones of Opleousas can be found at Shiloh Baptist Church. Mildred’s son is the pastor.  “I think I raised good children they weren’t hard headed you know,” Jones said.

Mildred was born and raised in McCrea, Louisiana. She says her family came to Opelousas by way of Melville during the great flood of 1927.

“We were living in Melville and the water took Melville. They had to bring all the people to Opelousas. Some went to Baton Rouge and some went to Opelousas. We came to Opelousas.’

Mildred says as a single mother she worked hard to raise her two boys. “I had to work everyday. I raised these two boys by myself that was my career.”

She says there’s no secret to her longevity only that faith is the reason. “I thank the Lord for it. it’s him who did it. He’s the one who brought me this far. I couldn’t have done it by myself.”

Mildred shares some advice for parents, especially single mothers. She says she raised her boys with a firm stance that her word is final. “What you say, let it stick. Let it be just like that and don’t change it. if you say such and such at thing, then it’s that; go do it,”  Jones noted.

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