90 Plus: Meet 99-year-old Gussie Broussard of New Iberia

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NEW IBERIA- La. (KLFY) Gussie Broussard of New Iberia just celebrated her 99th birthday this past Saturday.

She was born and raised in Loreauville.

“”Then I married a boy from Jeanerette and lived there forever.”

She says her husband was killed in an automobile accident when she was 44 and he was just 45.

“My husband died young and I had to earn a living. I worked for a doctor for ten years and then went to a drug store and stayed forever. I worked until I was 73 or 74, I think.”

They had one daughter, who has one son.

“That’s all she had just one son. That’s all God gave us.”

She says her daughter lives just a block a way and comes to see her at least three times a week.

She remembers spending the same kind of time with her mother.

“My mother had us over every Sunday for coffee, every Sunday; but not for dinner. We leave for twelve but every Sunday we meet for coffee. I had a wonderful life.”

For her life was simple and good, she says.

“We didn’t know the difference that there was no air conditioning or no television; no nothing. I think maybe our life was better.”

Ms. Gussie says the secret to her longevity may well be her physical and mental health.

She stays busy both in mind in body.

“Like I said I like my puzzles and I like to read. I’m never bored.”

She says her advice for the young people of today is: “I would tell them to get an education because now a days without it those children would have a hard time.”

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