BREAUX BRIDGE, La. (KLFY) — “We pick cotton.  We pick pepper.”

Maxine Broussard of Breaux Bridge is grateful for her 96 years of life.  

Maxine and her husband were married 65 years when he passed away.

Now, she’s 96 years old.

“I’m a survivor,” Broussard stated.

Maxine says she may not be able to do what she used to do but that’s okay; that’s what family is for.

“I can’t mop no more, and cook and all that.  I can fix my breakfast and supper.”

Maxine and her husband raised five boys.

“We were farmers and worked all the time. I showed them how to work and I guess it’s an example they took from us. We did what we were supposed to do. We worked for what we wanted,” Broussard explained.

Her family lived off the land but times have since changed.

“We were raised in the country we were so poor,” she said. “Whatever I got right now I appreciate it. Young people don’t know that. They don’t appreciate what they have because they never knew what we went through”

Maxine truly appreciates everything she has today.

“I don’t even change my furniture. I can if I want, but I have good furniture so why would I?”

Maxine says at 96-year- old her reward is having good children, good grandchildren and good daughters-in-law who show they’re thankful to have her in their lives.

“You’re supposed to treat other people like you want to other people to treat you.  I’ve been doing that all my life. I treated everybody like I want to be treated.”