OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) — On Sunday, March 27, Mathilda Turner Comeaux, of Washington, will celebrate her 103rd birthday.

Comeaux told News 10 her secret to longevity; “I trusted in God for everything and for bringing me this far.”

Comeaux is one of two children and a step-brother. She was born in St. Landry Parish. She’s a long-time resident of Washington. Originally, News 10 spoke with her when she was 99 years old. 

“It was just two of us. My sister has been dead. She was about 90 years old when she died. My mom was 85 when she died,” Comeaux explained.

Comeaux and her husband had seven children – five boys and two girls. “I taught them how to be clean and how to treat other people. It’s how I was treated and how my momma treated me.”

It wasn’t just her household that Comeaux focused on. Back then, the philosophy of ‘it takes a village’ was more than a saying. It was a responsibility.

“I would take care of other children,” Comeaux said. “I would help other people with their children.”

Comeaux worked on a farm in the fields. From that experience, she came to be quite the gardener.  “Everything I wanted to know how to plant, I planted.”

Her knack for growing what she plants took root with at least one of her grandchildren. “I got a grandson who has a green thumb; I guess like me.”

She gave some advice to pass on to the young generation.

“I would tell them to try to be good, quit being bad and cutting up. They be fighting with one another.”

Mathilda believes how you treat another, is how life will treat you. 

“Stay out of trouble and try to do the right thing,” Mathilda stated.