VERMILION PARISH, La. (KLFY)- Edward Green who was highlighted on 90 Plus with his wife, Lulda, earlier this year, has passed away. He was 97.

You can read the longtime couple’s story below.

ORIGINAL STORY: In today’s 90 Plus, an Erath couple has been married for 74 years. 

“We’ve been married for 67?  No, 74 years,” Lula stated.

Lulda’s husband says the secret to a successful marriage is to leave the talking to her. “I let her do the talking,” Edward explained.

The Greens are both from Vermilion Parish.

It’s also where the couple met.

Lulda says Edward had won a cake playing a game of cards. “He asked me if I wanted the cake I told him no,” Lulda added.

Lulda says after getting to know him she told him “I do.” Together they had 15 children.

“We were farmers. We used to plant all kinds of stuff from cotton, cane, vegetables, cabbage and okra. The list went on and on. We planted watermelon.”

It wasn’t just them working in the field. Their children worked in the field too. “They were going to school but after school, they had to work in the field.

“Dress in their old clothes and then they go into the field,” Lulda said.

Lulda says she and her husband have learned in order to make a relationship last, they have to trust knowing what’s best for each other. “You can’t listen to what everybody say. They tried to put us down but I never did believe it,” Lulda stated.