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Lois Antoine of Lafayette is 91 years old. 

“I’m 91 and I feel like I’m 18,” she said.

Lois admits her name has its own personality.  “They don’t have too many.”

She has many memories especially of spending time in church. Lois was born and raised in Lafayette.  
She says Progressive Baptist is where she ushered and she enjoyed every minute of it. 

“When Baptist people get happy; somebody got to look after them and they fall and break a leg.”
“Those were good days; but it still good ole days,” Lois said.

Lois says she made her living in the medical field.  “For 25 years, that’s where I worked.  I retired from Lafayette Charity Hospital.”

It was a good job she says. The job financially helped to take care of her and the family. “It wasn’t easy though.”

Lois says if she could relieve a part of her life again, the answer would be easy. “If I could still usher;  I might not be able to stand up that long but I’ll try,” she said.
At 91-years-old, she’s learned her share of lessons.  If she was to pass along a lesson learned, what would it be?  “Be obedient and do what their parents tell them to do I think that’ll help.”

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