GUEYDAN, La. (KLFY) – A Gueydan couple who has been married 70 years ushers in Thanksgiving with advice on love and longevity.

The Robinsons are both educators and the family told News 10 that they’ve been instrumental in bringing the head start program to Gueydan and other parishes.  

Inez is 92 years old and Ned is 91 years old, and both are graduates of Leland College which was in Baker, La. It was a Christian HBCU which is a Historically Black College and University.

Leland College is also where they met.

“I saw her and what did I say? I told the boys she is the girl I’m going to marry.  It turned out that way and here we are,” Ned said.

Ned is a Korean War veteran who was active in Civil Rights. His family told News 10 that he secured his rights as a principal in what was a segregated school. As an educator, he taught mathematics and biology.

“Later, I became principal again at Jessie Owens where I was before the integration and all. That’s where I retired from,” he explained.

Inez said that she became a teacher but then a mother. The Robinsons had nine children. Inez told News 10, “I was a mom, and a mom, and a mom, and a mom and a mom.”

Inez holds a bachelor’s degree, and her husband earned a Masters’s Degree +30.

“I took courses above the Masters’s Degree some at Southern some at USL.”

That’s 70 years together and counting.

“You still have feelings. I care for him. When he was in the hospital, they tried to get me to go home. I said no I’m staying with my fella,” she said.

Their secret to a love that has stood the test of time is to compromise without having to win.

“You can’t keep going from one to another with anger and whatnot.  Somebody has to give in sometimes. He does but most times it’s me,” they chuckled.