LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Gertrude J. Henry, 100, of Lafayette was born and raised in Grand Coteau. Henry says she had an idea she would live to be one hundred years old.

“I had a dream and somebody told me I was going to live a long long time,” Henry said.

In her earlier years, she worked in the fields and her husband did too. Those were the days when you literally reaped what you sowed. 

Gertrude remembers living off the land meant her children never went without. 

“They never went hungry and they never went without clothes,” Henry said.

For her 100th birthday, the family pulled of a birthday celebration worth her century of life.

“I feel fine and I can dance,” she said.

Gertrude and her husband raised 14 boys and two girls. Gertrude says her children were taught to pray; and not only for themselves.

“That’s everybody: policemen, judge and teachers,” Henry added.

She says her mother-in-law helped tremendously in keeping the family afloat.

“I lived with him and his mama. God bless her soul. She took care of all my children,” she explained.

Those were the good ole days. 

“If they do something, I would put them on their knees and they would stay until I tell them to get up. They never give me no trouble. That’s one thing,” Henry smiled.

Gertrude fondly remembers the times she shared with her husband, who passed away about 20 years ago

“We would walk to church on Sundays. I met him at the church and I married him in church.”

Henry says her husband was good husband. 

“A good man is hard to find today and a good woman is hard to find.”

Meanwhile, her advice shouldn’t be taken lightly. Remember she’s 100 years old and still counting.

“I tell them to be good like, mind their own business, and don’t worry about other people,” Henry said.