LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Gay Keller and his wife, Ruth have been married for 76 years. They met while attending SLI which is now UL Lafayette. “She chased me, and I finally gave up,” Gay added.

Gay recently turned 100 years old. “She’s been trying to get rid of me for 76 years,” Gay laughed. Ruth says her husband was a football player in college. He eventually taught college sports. They say he taught at Rayne and Crowley high schools. “He was a big football star. All the girls were after him,” Ruth stated.

Together they had one daughter. “It’s just what happened. That’s what the Lord sent,” Ruth said. The Lord also sent them a life they could be proud of. Gay is a World War II veteran. Their bread & butter came from the oil company they started. Ruth worked in healthcare during that time. “That’s when the oil business was really good. My husband had his own business. We were very happy,” she stated.

Ruth says times were different both for work and family. She remembers when people got along much better. “Just enjoy every day and be happy,” she explained.

The Kellers say life has been good to them. They got a chance to travel to nice places and meet nice people. Even though their daughter has passed away, they still feel fortunate to have the granddaughter she left behind. “She’s my baby,” Gay said.

Gay says he’s learned a lot about being a husband. Life, love, and marriage are badges he’s worn for 76 years with pride.

“Keep my mouth shut, obey my wife, and don’t talk unless it’s necessary,” he explained.

For Gay Keller, to have more of what he had in Life would be a wish well-granted. “To live one more year,” Gay smiled.