90 Plus: Four Siblings 90-years-old and older: “We kept busy. The magic word is busy”

Renee Allen's 90 Plus

(KLFY) — Four Acadiana siblings that are 90-years-old or older together represent more than 300 years of life.

They are Dudley “Cheese” Theriot, 90; Pierre Clifton “Ton” Theriot, 92; Maria “Sis” Theriot Bonin, 93; Joseph David “Shine” Theriot, 94.”

These Theriot siblings are a lively bunch and full of energy. They have more than kinship going on, they have longevity.

“We know how it goes. I’ve been there,” Joseph said.

“He still goes fishing in the Belle River,” Dudley explained about his brother.

They were nine siblings strong at one time, and they say they were born and raised on a farm.

“We started with nothing. We had to build up to something,” Joseph added.

 “We kept busy. The magic word is busy,” Maria explained.

They lived in a 2-bedroom home in Catahoula.

“We had no running water or electricity. We had to do it all outside. We lived in a little house. Nine of us and momma and daddy.”

There’s another in the Theriot family who surpassed 90; their mother lived to be 94.

The youngest of the 90 Plus is Dudley or “Cheese.”

He just turned 90-years-old

“Working is the most important thing. I built this house and all the inside. I made hoop nets, crawfish cages, trap cages,” Dudley stated.

“If you’re idle, that brain is going idle just the same thing as your body,” Maria noted

Here’s another word to the wise they all agree on: faith.

That lesson is from their mother.

“Our mother instilled in us the deepest faith a child could have and that’s what we do. Faith!”

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