“I did a lot of tings.  So, I covered all the bases,” Comeaux said.

Elizabeth Joyce Comeaux of New Iberia is a 90-years-old who was raised in Delcambre. 

“I have a big family.  We were six,” Comeaux said.

One of her most unforgettable memories was when she graduated from high school at the top of her class.

“I was the valedictorian,” she added.

Elizabeth was a housewife, and her husband worked in the oilfield.  They had three children.  She remembers a couple of life lessons she passed on for her children to follow.

“To be truthful and hard working,” she noted.

These days she finds joy in visiting with her friends and her children. When Comeaux thinks back over the course of her life that’s when traveling comes to mind.

“We traveled for sure in the RV,” Comeaux recollected. “We had a good time.”

When she’s not playing cards, Comeaux likes giving her lucky hand a try.

“Oh that! I love going to the casino,” Comeaux said while laughing.

If she could do something over again, Comeaux said she would go camping. 

“We were a group of friends, and we all went camping together,” she said. “We meet new people. Like today, I meet all these nice people over here.  They’re very lucky they have us here.”

She admitted she never thought she would see 90 years old.

“Sometimes I have to stop and think ‘Really? You’re that old?” Comeaux said.

Comeaux agrees, regardless, age is just a number.

“Well it’s just a number they tell me,” she said. 

Comeaux gave advice about life moving forward.

“Enjoy your life while you can but don’t go over board.”

Plus, keep your dollars and cents in place.  In other words, Elizabeth said it’s important to be mindful of how one spends the money they earn.

“No, you have to look to tomorrow,” Elizabeth noted.

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