BREAUX BRIDGE, La. (KLFY) – Ames Castille, 94 of Breaux Bridge says he graduated with honors from Breaux Bridge High School in 1945. Ames explains worked on a farm alongside his family.

“There were six of us in the family. I’m the only one that finished school. The rest of them went to the fourth or fifth grade. They dropped out to work in the fields.”

Ames is an Amy veteran of World War II. After two years in the army, Ames says he was honorably discharged with recommendations for further military service. “I enjoyed my life. I never drank coffee, never smoked and didn’t do drugs. I was always a happy person,” Ames stated.

Once at the home front, Ames went off to college for two years. Ames admits he only had two jobs in his life. “I majored in accounting. I had to drop out because I had no more funds. I was married with one child and the government quit paying me the monthly payments for the time that was allocated to me being I served in the service.”

Ames says he worked for an airline and then accepted a job with the state. At 60-years-old he retired from the state as a Tax Auditor. “Gasoline was 25 cents a gallon and they paid us 19 cents a mile. I was making money on my expense account but wouldn’t think of that now. Only God knows what they’re paying them now to drive their own car.”

Ames explains he was married, not once, but four times. He says sadly they have all passed away. “She was strong. She raised those three kids. All three of them graduated. My oldest one, she died two years ago.”

Ames has two mottoes. One of his mottoes is not to worry about anything he can’t do anything about. “I would say be honest, not only with yourself but with everyone else.” Even though there are trials and tribulations, Ames says he appreciates the life he’s been blessed to lead.

“I have a pamphlet that thick. Every morning and night I thank him for everything for everything he’s done for me. He’s been good to me in spite of myself.”