LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Alverta Hasling of Lafayette, 90 doesn’t let time slip by without her being a part of it. 

Hasling has served 23 years as the President of Friends of the Lafayette Public Library. “I have a lot of very good friends and even just acquaintances that I see occasionally that make my life complete,” Hasling said. “I don’t think you can live in one environment. I think you have to live in different environments to enjoy your life and make it work for you,” Hasling stated.

Alverta was born in Gretna, Louisiana. She’s one of seven children. Her fondest memory is that she never felt lonesome. “I always had someone there for me. I always had a backup in other words, and we got along very well.”

Alverta says she met her husband after graduating from high school. She was at a skating rink, and he was there too. They shared a life together for 60 years before he passed away.

“Many people have mentioned him to me and said I wanted to be just like him. I know my children are.  I didn’t lose him, he’s in everyone one of them. They really kept him alive for me.” 

She says she’s learned yesterday is gone and we only have today to live for. That’s her answer to living to be 90 years old.

“Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here. So, we only have today. Living one day is the best way I can go. That would be my advice to anybody. One day at a time and make the most of that day.”

Alverta has a family of 35 strong. She has five children, 10 grandchildren and their parents, and 12 great-grandchildren. Alverta and her husband lost a 13-year-old. Alverta talks about her main thrust in life?

“My main thrust I guess in life even now is to find something to be happy about every day. Find some way of enjoying what I have,” Hasling said. She says what she has, has got better with time.

In terms of a relationship with God. “You want to be comfortable. You don’t want to have to struggle to make it work that’s the blessing I got. Yes, I feel blessed. I really do,” Hasling added.