LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) — 94-year-old Joseph Mudd puts the normal aches and pains of time on the back burner of life and prefers to “just keep going at it.”

“I don’t pay that no mind though. I just keep on going at it,” Mudd said.

The home Joseph Mudd grew up in 94 years ago sits in his backyard. He says he’s lived in the neighborhood his entire life.

“I still work in the yard. I used to make a garden.”

Joseph served in the army at a young age.

He says if he could have one wish… “I think I would want to start over where I left off from the years I went in the army in 1945. I was 18 years old. I went to Yokohama, Japan.”

What Joseph wouldn’t change from those years is the fact he met the woman he married.

“I knew right then she was the one for me. She made me what I am today,” Mudd said. They had 9 children. 

He says he worked for the Lafayette Utility Department and for people in the neighborhood who needed it.

“I used to do all kinds of odd jobs. When they needed somebody to work; they knew where to come get me.”

Joseph says he enjoyed his life then and enjoys his life now.

“If I could steal a couple of years, I tried,” he laughed.