90 Plus: 99-year-old Iota woman looks back on how life led her to Acadiana

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Inside Acadia Iota, resides a 99-year-old who’s a celebrity in her own rights — Irma Boulet Darphin.

“If I live to be another year old, I’ll be a hundred. I’m 99,” said Irma.

Irma Boulet Darphin is an Iotian through and through. Iota is a quiet town with its own charm and history.

Le Musee, French for museum, sits across from Iota city hall. The museum is said to have a history that’s longer than the town itself.  

What better place to meet up with Irma and friends?

“Love people. You just supposed to love everybody. It isn’t going to hurt a thing,” Darphin said.

Irma was actually born in Orange, Texas. She says her stay in Texas was short-lived.

“I only stayed there three months. So, it doesn’t make much difference, does it? I can say I’m a Texan if I want too but I’m not.”

Also, Irma has some Crowley in her blood.

“Oh yeah, I finished Crowley High in 1939.”

In 1943, she joined the service. Irma’s a WWII veteran.

After two years, she made her way back home.

She says she and her husband were headed for Eunice until the in-laws stepped in.

“My mother-in-law asked if we would consider moving in with her, and that was the best decision I ever made,” Darphin explained.

Irma had four children and she loves them all.

“One boy and three girls.”

Over the years, she had to spread her heart thin among friends who keep her in good company.

In Iota, there’s no other way to live.

“Everybody loves everybody. You know the IF Club means ‘Iota First’?  

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