90 Plus: 96-year-old St. Martinville woman says staying busy is the key to long life

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ST. MARTINVILLE, La (KLFY) — 96-year-old Pearly Marie Bernard believes a person’s life reflects how they feel.

“I was been born and raised in Broussard,” Bernard stated.

“I clean up the house and do everything right now and I don’t get tired.  If I sit, I get tired a little bit.  I get up in the morning at 5:30am.  I just can’t sleep late I’ll be miserable,” Bernard explained.

Her secrets to longevity are staying busy and enjoying her life.

“I keep busy all the time. That’s what I’ve been doing since I was young.  I sit down too long I just begin to think about all kinds of things. After I get up and go and do something, I feel good.”

Pearly is the mother of 5 children who she raised in Cade and St. Martinville.

She says she moved to St. Martinville after her husband passed away.

“Yes, 5, and I didn’t drive much. I had to use my legs they were the car. I get in the morning and walked miles to go to work and I didn’t feel nothing.”

Pearly taught her children to work for what they want.

She says she started working at 7 years old and kept working to provide for her family.

“I cut sugarcane and worked in a doctor’s office.  I clean up the bathroom after I get off from work and by the time I get off from working it was time for me to get going,” Bernard said.

Also, what keeps Pearly Marie Bernard joyful is that she loves her Zydeco music and can dance with the best of them.

“I still like my zydeco. You ought to see me,” Pearly laughed.

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