CROWLEY, La. (KLFY) – 96-year-old Ruth Francis lives in Crowley but she’s actually from Marksville.

Ruth remembers her school days when there were no school buses, at least in Marksville. “I walked a mile to school from where I lived with my mother,” she added.

Ruth met her husband in Crowley. It’s where they married, and he built the home where she raised her children. She was in her 20s when they wed. He was a carpenter, and she was a nanny. “I was blessed because I had these children, but god give me my health and my strength, and I can go on doing my work,” said Ruth.

She had 12 children: eight girls and four boys. The family says there are 5 generations moving forward. Ruth has some 30 grandkids and 33 great-grandkids, to say the least. “My oldest children I tell them to help remind me of how many because before I know it I have another one, and it’s kind of hard for me to count all the great-grandchildren.”

Ruth is a church-going mother who inspires her children and their children to do the same. “I go to church as often as I can. I try not to miss it because it’s very important,” Ruth stated. She attributes her longevity to how she lives her life. “One of the things is eating the proper foods that you should eat that’s nourishing and helps your body out. That’s what I like.”

Ruth says at 96, her health is up to par and her mind is right. Life is good and at times even better. “I feel like I could be like 40 years old,” Ruth laughed.