EUNICE, La. (KLFY) – Parker Avie, 96 of Eunice is actually from Chatagnier.

Parker and his wife raised their four boys in Elton. He says he’s a churchman who at 96-years-old drives himself to church and back. “I drive every Sunday back and forth,” Avie stated.

Parker says he made certain his boys knew how to work hard. He explains he worked at a young age and they can too. “When I was six years old I was working in the rice fields,” Avie explained. He says his one son, before he was teenager, was handling machinery few adult men back then would dare touch. “He was cutting rice. He cut a whole crop at 12 years old with one combine,” He noted.

A jack-of-all-trades that’s what people would Parker. “I did all kinds of work. I drove tractors. I drove a trailer, a truck and a combine.”

He also rode horses. Parker believes to live a long life, one must be careful with themselves throughout life. “I worked with a bunch of boys and they called me ‘old man’. I showed them what an old man can do.”

He also told them that there’s a time to play and a time to work. “They play too much. That time they had to hold the rope and they didn’t hold the rope. That fella cut that pipe. When he cut that pipe it came down. It hit that boy three times; against the wall and against the cement.” Parker says fortunately the young man didn’t die but he learned first-hand a lesson or two. “I told them boys you play too much,” Avie said.

Parker Avie lives the retired life of a job well done. “There was a time when it became a little too much and I stopped.” We all often think of the days that have gone by. However, Parker knows there’s much to appreciate in life moving forward. ‘I feel good, it’s just that knee. It happened in a wreck. If it weren’t for that knee, I would be number one,” Avie stated.