90 Plus: 95-year-old seamstress shares her life journey, including 70 years of marriage

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Some talents just get better with time. Velma Harper of Carencro is 95-years-old and surrounded by memories stitched with love. “I was sewing clothes for my children, for me and my husband,” Harper said.

Harper started sewing when she was in high school. “They had sewing machines.  They had electric sewing machines (laughs).”

Harper graduated from Carencro High School.  “My teacher wanted me to be a teacher and teach home economics. I wasn’t interested in that I knew I wanted to be a nurse.”

In 1941, Velma graduate from nursing school in Houston.  She says it was by chance she met her husband there.  He was her roommate’s 1st cousin.  He to came to Houston to visit.  “We were married in 1944”

They were married for 70 years when he passed away.  During the interview, she shared a photo of their 50th wedding anniversary.  “This was 60 (years married) up there and 70 is on my table. I haven’t hung up 70 yet.”

Velma says her husband is a World War II Navy veteran. She recalls his stories of the attack on Pearl Harbor. His barracks were located where the ships were docked.  

“It was a horrible experience.  He said the sailors were jumping off of the ship. The ones who didn’t go down with the ship; they were jumping into water that was on fire with all the gasoline,” Velma recalled.

Velma’s proud of her husband and her family of two sons.  She says her advice is to be grateful for the time you’re given to accomplish what you want.  Time is precious because that’s what life is made of.

“Have God in your life and know that you’re fortunate he’s given you this much time,” Harper explained.

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