BREAUX BRIDGE, La. (KLFY) – Maxine Broussard is a pleasant reminder that life is not half bad. “It’s not just me that’s why I’m 95. God was helping us. I think God had a plan for me.” Maxine is 95 years old. “I can’t do what I used to do of course but at last, I feel good.”

Maxine was born in Cecilia. Her parents were farmers. They had seven children. “Oh yes, they were farmers too. When I got married, I got married to a farmer.” She got married when she was 15 years old. She and her husband were together 65 years before he passed away. From here to Cecilia everybody had their little house, or a big house where they had a piece of property. They make their living on that.”

Her husband is a World War II veteran. After the war he returned home. They started life together working as sharecroppers. “You work on somebody’s land, you live in the house. You work by the third; two-thirds for you and one for the boss.”

Once they saved enough money, they bought a piece of land and built their family home. Maxine says farming kept the pantry stocked. Food was always at hand. “You have to can them or put them in the freezer. You have to pick the beans and you have to peel them, but we did it.” Electricity and a telephone were not an option back then. “You wash your clothes on the rubbing board. You boil your water. You didn’t have a water pump.”

Maxine says she retired from working the field. She picked pecans until she was well into her 80’s. “I would do like a 100 lbs. a day.”

Maxine and her husband had five boys. All of them are now married. “I didn’t have any daughters but they’re all my daughters.” For Maxine, her sons will always be her boys and she will always be their mother. What more can a parent ask for? “They do everything for me. They keep up my yard and my house but they live around you see. I was just blessed.”