LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Born and raised in Carencro, 90-year-old Theresa Williams says “I can’t ask for more than I got.”

Theresa and her late husband had six children. She says she was young when she got married. “I was young because we used to work in the fields in the country. That was before I was married,” Williams explained. She says it took some work to keep the household going but she did it. “I take care of my children and myself with no husband, but my children were with me,” she stated.

Theresa worked for a laundry business. The days were long and the work demanding. “It was some walking. There was the walk to get to work and to come back. Sometimes I would come in a cab. I needed to work for my children. I had to do something.”

Fortunately, she had family to help her along the way. “They used to stay with my aunt. My momma’s sister used to take care of them on the weekends.” Theresa admits the work took a toll on her body.  She says she’s not entirely physically down and out. “I have to walk with a cane. That’s in God’s hands. That’s the way God wants that. Sometimes I go some place where they make the music and I dance. Oh yeah, I dance the Zydeco a little bit.”

Dancing she says keeps her knowing she still has what it takes to keep living life. She may be 90 years old, but life isn’t over. Theresa enjoys her life and her family. Her grandchildren are always nearby sending her messages with a smile. “I have a good life with all my children and all my grandchildren.”

Today, Theresa has one wish. She wishes her family to stay together as a family. “That’s what I hope for.  Do what mom does. Go to church and get along with the family. I like for them to be close with the family, but you can’t make them do what they don’t want. That’s all I ask them for when I’m going to close my eyes,” Theresa said.

Until that day comes, Theresa plans to enjoy her blessings. “God still gives me the power to do what I want to do. Sometimes I come here to dance a little bit and spend time with them. When I’m going to go, they can say mom had a nice time,” she added.