(KLFY) — A year of advice, hopes, and dreams from News 10’s 90 plus-ers. Renee Allen takes us full circle with some of the interviewees who got us through the year 2021. Of course, 90 plus style.

“The main thing is not lie and pay your bills, don’t dilly dally about that.” – Aileen Houffpauir, 99, of Ridge Community.

“Take care of yourself, eat properly of course and be kind.  We don’t have enough kindness around.” – Hilda Decoux Gardere, 91, of Opelousas.

“Take life as it comes. You really don’t have a choice anyway. As life explodes around you try to handle it day by day.” – Dracos Burke, 102, of New Iberia.

“I’ve been through a lot. I’ve been called a lot of names.  I’ve been accused, abused, refuse, missed use and all of that  but I am here;  thank God.” – Nelson Joseph Arceneaux, 100, of Crowley.

“They didn’t have no stores.  They didn’t have nothing.  Everything was just walk.  No cars, no nothing.  We had to ride horses.” – Ruben “Pop” Guillory, 100, of St. Martinville.

“They’re not going to put mom on television.  She said yeah.  She said oh Lord you don’t know what you’re doing.” – Rita Lewis, 97, of Andrus Cove.

“God has truly been good to me.  Honey,  I don’t bat my eyes unless I’m thanking him.” – Lula Sanderford, 96, of Crowley.

“I say I did pretty good for an old country boy from little ole piney woods of north Louisiana.” –  Raymond Perot, 91 of Lafayette.

“Live justly, love with mercy and walk humbly before God.” – Joyce Lee Cormier, 97, of Mermentau.

“Listen to the older ones. We don’t always do that but a lot of people do.” – Lucy May Latiolais, 95, of Breaux Bridge.

“Life is very wonderful but you got to take it one step at a time.  You can’t over due anything.” – Earl Guidry, 98, of Rayne.

 “I’m 78 (laughs).” – Leota Matte Thibodeaux, 97 of Church Point.