RICHARD, La. (KLFY) – Marie Courville of Richard, Louisiana is 104-years-old. “I have no secret. I just let it go,” Courville said.

Marie was born in Richard, Louisiana where her family owned and operated a grocery store. “My mother died when I was five years old. My stepmother raised me like my mother. That’s how I was raised,” Courville added.

Her Husband was a truck driver. They met at a house dance. “I knew he was the one and I was never sorry. No!,” Courville stated.

Marie worked in a shop making purses, quilts, and all sorts of items. What she made the shop owner would sell. “She would go to Texas and sell that. I would make them. I was the only one.”

Quilting was what Marie did best. It’s a trade that has come to be her hobby. She recently made a quilt. It’s one of many she crafted over the years. “I couldn’t wait to finish and start another one.”

Marie and her husband had two boys. Marie says her daughter died at birth. “They are 15 years apart. So, they don’t have the same ways.” Her sons may have different interests but they were raised to live by the same standards. “Not to lie, not to steal, and to live right. They did,” Marie explained.

Marie tries to stay active and not let age determine her ability. When she was younger, she loved going to the beach. Her family says she loved to eat crab and would indulge every chance she had. At this point in her life, Marie is satisfied with where she has been and accomplished. “There’s nothing I want to do. To me, I did it all. That’s how I feel,” Marie stated.