NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) — Ruby Halbert who was raised in Jeanerette and moved to New Iberia is officially 103 years old. Ruby received over 330 birthday cards to confirm it.

She’s unsure of the reason for her longevity. She believes it might be simply genetics.

“I had a sister who lived to be one year less than me,” Halbert said.

Ruby says growing up on a farm and eating healthy might have added to her century-plus of living. Ruby’s brother is 98 years old.

“We had all kinds of vegetables, and I was accustomed to eating very well. That’s it,” Halbert stated.

Ruby and her husband had two children, two boys to be exact. Her birthday was a family affair and a big one at that.

“I had two boys, Allen, and his name is Donald, but we call him Buddy,” she said.

Ruby says she worked 11 years at the local recreation center. Her boss offered her the job and she accepted.

“He called me and said Ruby will you come and help us.  I said help you do what?  He said all you have to do is answer the telephone,” Halbert explained.

Ruby laughingly explains when she has spare time, she does absolutely nothing.

“I do absolutely nothing; nothing more than what you see me doing.”

Ruby’s one exception to relaxation is a friendly game of bingo.

“I’m not getting rich with the quarters, but I save them anyway.”

In her younger years, Ruby used to square dance.

“I even traveled to square dances. I went to California for a national.  It was fun.”

When it comes to wishing upon a star, Ruby has all she could wish for.

“I traveled all over the United States and Canada.  I can’t say I want to do anything else.”