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90 Plus: 103-year-old Beatrice Caesar

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LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- Beatrice Ceasar, of Lafayette, is 103 years old.  Ceasar sais she takes pride in keeping her word and follows through on what she says she’s going to do.  

“Ain’t nobody did me nothing,” she said.

Once she went to work for a person who fell ill.  She said she gave her word and she followed through.

“Worked in another person’s place when they were down sick.  So they can keep their job sick so when they get well they can go back to work again.”

Beatrice says she wanted a big family- but that wasn’t in the plans for her.

“God showed me I didn’t need to have 10 children. He let me see places and go a lot of places,” said Caesar.

One of the places she traveled to is Rome. It was an experience she says she’ll never forget.

“I went to see the holy land and it’s something to see.”

Beatrice says she found her life more fulfilled when she was helping others.

“I tried to do things for people who couldn’t do for themselves.”

As a young woman, Beatrice made a living doing housework.

On one job, she helped with household work for the workers in the sugar cane fields.

“I cleaned the cabins where the men were sleeping to keep the cabins clean”

She says when she got married, she and her husband became owners of a corner store.

“We got the store and ran the corner store for ourselves.”

Beatrice has advice on what she sees today when it comes to children.

“They’re not all bad there are some nice children.”

She explains some children just have a mind of their own but even that needs some balance.

“They don’t listen to their parents and their parents got to listen to them. That’s not alright there.”

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