NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) — Dracos Burke, a 102 New Iberian veteran, was given a flight in a restored World War II plane. The experience was sponsored by Dream Flights, a program that honors veterans and seniors.

The U.S. Army Air Corps, Airforce veteran shared part of his life story with News 10.

For Dracos, Dream Flights was a dream of a lifetime. It gave him a moment to reflect on his time in the service.

Dracos enlisted straight out of college at 20 years old. He explained he’s at peace with his life and the quality of it.

“I done the best I could. Whether I done everything right is up to the good Lord to decide,” Burke added.

Dracos gave 30 years to the military, but a lifetime to the family he loves. He and his wife had six children.

Four of his sons also served in the military.

“The military is a great place. I imagine a lot of people disagree with me but I think it’s the place to be,” Burke stated.

His family said he retired after he served as a JAG, Judge Advocate General.

Once home, he worked as an Assistant District Attorney for 15 years.

“I kept busy up until I started falling apart. Now, I just try to make my doctor’s appointment,” he laughed.

Meanwhile, life can have its ups and downs.

Dracos shared his philosophy about he manages the good and the bad.

“Take life as it comes.  You really don’t have a choice anyway.  As life explodes around you try to handle it day-by-day,” Burke explained.