LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) We continue our spotlight on our four finalists in our Remarkable Women Campaign.

Jenea Griffin is a remarkable woman with a passion for children and giving back to her community.

Her story is one of inspiration because of her faith in God, her humble nature, and her very big heart as she helps others, especially children, find their purpose.

She told our News Ten anchor Darla Montgomery how she found out about her nomination and what makes her light shine so bright.

“It was my husband, he told me. He was like I got some good news for you. I was like what? So, he told me, and I was like oh my God!”

Jenea could not believe her husband nominated her for KLFY’s “Remarkable Women Campaign” and that she is a finalist. That is not surprising as this young mother has many accomplishments already under her belt.

Jenea earned her undergrad degree from UL Lafayette in Child and Family Studies, Concord Law School law degree, she has an Executive Juris Doctorate in Family Law and she’s a child custody mediator. 

She also provides services and mentors youth between the ages of 8 to 18 and her hectic schedule does not stop there.

“I am a mom of two, I am a wife, and I am the founder and mentor of Jamal Smiles non-profit.”

Her nonprofit is named in honor of her brother Jamal who drowned at a vacation bible school in 2015 when he was 12 years old. She says it was a heartbreaking event that guided her life and career path dedicated to children. 

But that’s just part of her journey. Her own personal challenges provided the rest of what she needed to fulfill her life’s mission. 

“I was 16 and pregnant and at that time, I did not have anyone to go to. I was always judged, and I want to be that positive influence for children who are going through things.  So, I know that not only my life experience but also my education, that I can give back to the community and let children know they are heard, and I am here, and I am their voice even when they can’t be a voice for themselves.”

And her voice of inspiration leads them on a path for a life of success, compassion and giving.

“I am always motivating the kids, just letting them know just because their circumstances where they are now is not where you’re going to be in the future if you seek God first and you go with your purpose.”

Jenea is truly an amazing young woman. Her giving does not stop there. She also fills food pantries in surrounding communities throughout the year especially when supplies are running low.

Here is a link to her website for more information,